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1 year olds

The Bug’s World Class is for children ages 1 to 2 years old. Our toddler room is designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and create an environment that enhances fine and large motor coordination.

Each classroom is decorated with bright colors and loaded with interesting, age-appropriate learning centers, and a study area. The children move about the classroom with circle time, art time, free play, lunch, and seat work activities. They also spend supervised time outdoors twice a day. Due to our low teacher child ratio we have created an environment that is nurturing and allows for your child to have individualized attention.

Our main emphasis is on social skills and learning through play. We have language, science, math, dramatic play, manipulative play and art centers for the children.

We teach the children manners and social skills and life skills that will aid them throughout their lives. One way we accomplish this is by having “family style” meals. The teacher sits with the children while they eat and teaches them how to use their utensils, pour their own drinks and to serve themselves and others.

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