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Financial Arrangments

Registration Fee – Upon enrollment we require nonrefundable annual registration fee to help us cover administration costs. The Preschool registration fee is non-refundable. 

Tuition/Re-enrollment – Monthly tuition may be calculated by multiplying the weekly rate by the number of Tuesdays in the month. When more than one child from the same family is enrolled, a reduction of 10% is allowed. If you are dis-enrolled due to non-payment your child will not be able to return until the account has been paid in full. Families will not receive credit for holidays, for days missed or if the center closes due to weather or power outage.

Tuition fee is to be paid on a weekly or monthly basis. All tuition payments are due in advance and are due and payable on Tuesday of each week. If you pay monthly it is due on the first of the month by closing time unless the first falls on a weekend and then payment due by closing on the Friday before the first day of the month. A late charge of $20 will be assessed on the second of the month if you pay monthly and on Wednesdays if you pay weekly. A charge of $35 will be assessed on any check returned by the bank. The registration fee is due upon registration. Any account which becomes 1 day delinquent will result in suspension of the student(s) until the account is paid, unless special arrangements are made by the school administration or governing board.

A 5% reduction in tuition is given when the entire monthly tuition is paid in advance before 6:30 PM on the first day of the month. If payment is not received on the first, the 5% reduction will be removed from your account. Parents with more than one child enrolled in the Preschool will receive a 10% discount on the second child’s tuition. Registration and Emergency Kit fees are non-refundable.  Emergency kits will not be returned to you when you dis-enroll. Any additional payments such as “Late Charges”, “Extra Daycare”, Etc. will be billed. Checks should be made payable to PCCandP.

If you change your Child Care Option there will be a $25.00 processing fee and a form to fill out and submit.  A new payment schedule will be sent to you with the new amount on it.

Overtime Fees – There will be an overtime charge for children not picked up at their regular dismissal time.  Consistent lateness may result in dis-enrollment

First Violation            $15 for the first five minutes and 
                                    $2.00 per minute thereafter

Second Violation      $25 for the first five minutes and
                                    $2.00 per minute thereafter

Third Violation            Dis-enrollment

Sick Child Fee – When your child becomes ill while in our care; we will notify you immediately to pick up your child. After one hour, a fee equal to the hourly rate of one employee will be charged to your account for each hour of sick care.

Diaper Fee – We request that you provide disposable diapers as needed for your child.  If diapers are needed but not provided, a $10 daily Diaper Fee will be charged to your account on a daily basis.

Clothing Fee – We request that you provide extra clothing for you child, including underwear and socks for occasions when your child’s clothes need to be changed.  If clothing is not provided, then a $20 Clothing Fee will be charged to your account

Refund Policy – Once parents make a commitment to the school, staffing and materials are prepared for the year to meet the students’ needs. Therefore, refunds are limited in order to meet our commitments. The Preschool registration fee is non-refundable. 

Termination of Enrollment – The parent shall give a written two week notice before dropping their child from the program. Those terminating enrollment without notice will not qualify for tuition refunds and are liable for the month’s tuition.

Absences – Your child’s tuition will not be reduced for absences less than one week due to holidays, illness or personal reasons. For absences one week or longer, you may reserve your child’s place in PCCandP by paying in advance one-half of the regular tuition during the absence. Advance written notice is required to receive a reduction of tuition for all absences. DSHS students can not be absent for more than 5 days per month. All DSHS students must be enrolled full time. 

Returned Checks – You are required to pay a fee for any returned checks paid to Precious Child Care and Preschool.  We reserve the option to refuse further checks. 

As a parent of one or more children, financial concerns are a major consideration. Please feel free to talk to the staff and director of the day care in regards to any concerns or questions. To view the costs associated with these financial arrangements, view our Rates page.  If you cannot find what you need through the menus or search, please contact the staff.