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Visit Precious Child Care and Preschool for a tour and talk with our professional staff!

The most important decision a working parent can make is to choose a preschool center. We acknowledge the concerns of each parent in making this critical choice. We are more than happy to take you on a tour of the facility, introduce you to the teachers that will be caring for your child, and explain our policies, and nature of care. The only thing we ask is that you call and make an appointment so that we can have staff available to assist you with the process. Our programs are on a tight schedule and we want you to be able to see the teachers in action and have all your questions answered without disrupting the daily flow of the programs. Thank you for this consideration.

Once you have chosen to enroll your child in PCCandP there is a simple process to enrollment. We are available to answer questions by phone.

All children are required to have an emergency release form and at least two emergency phone numbers on file at the center. All forms must be submitted and approved prior to enrollment.  These forms must be regularly updated in compliance with Washington State Law.

Enrollment Forms
After your tour the Director will give you a packet that needs to be filled out and returned before your child can attend the center. All children are required to have all the forms from the Enrollment Packet completed and on file before entrance to any programs.

Our Doors are Open
Here at PCCandP we have an open door policy to parents.  We encourage you to be involved in the activities of PCCandP.  You are welcome to visit at any time.  However, no one is allowed in the classroom for an extended period of time without a state and federal background clearance.  We ask that visitation rights with non-custodial parents not take place at PCCandP unless prior permission has been obtained from the Board of Directors.

Notices and events of interest to parents will be posted in the HiMama portal and on the preschool bulletin board.  Meeting with your child’s teacher, Director or Program Supervisor are always available.  Please call or drop by the preschool office if you would like to schedule a meeting.

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