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Our goal is to help children grow physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.  Each of our programs consist of Language and Thinking exercises, Phonics and Reading, Writing Skills, Math Concepts, Stories, Art and much more.

Each classroom is designed for the age and individual development of each child.  The programs we use provide a foundation for later successful academic achievement and give your child a basic comprehension of math, language arts, science, various arts, and gross motor skills.  The children participate in a wide variety of activities such as music, art science, dramatic play, secular and Bible stories as well as physical activities to aid in large muscle development.  Our goal is to create a learning environment that is both fun and educational.
Infants 2
Our tiniest children need very special care. With one teacher to four infants, each infant gets plenty of interaction, stimulation, and love. These precious little ones enjoy songs, smiles, feeding times, naps, special play times and of course lots of love.


Picture11Our Bug’s World Toddler room is designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and enhances fine and large muscle coordination. Our main emphasis is on social skills and learning through play. Due to our low teacher to child ratio we have created an environment that is nurturing and allows for    your child to have individualized attention.

 ToddlersWe have two preschool classes. Jungle Bungalow and Barnyard. In Jungle Bungalow we work with parents when children are ready to potty train. Children are introduced to new activities such as art and learning centers that explore colors, shapes, Bible lessons and much more.

Picture9Our Barnyard class is for children who are potty trained and at least 3 1/2 years old. We continue to build on the skills they have learned in the Jungle Bungalow class and prepare them for Pre-Kindergarten.


Picture14Our Pre-Kindergarten classes are Under the Sea and Noah’s Ark. They consist of language and thinking exercises  phonics and reading, writing skills, problem solving skills, math concepts, stories, music, art and much more. Each class is full of exciting projects and fun learning. Our curriculum is a Kindergarten series that builds letter recognition sounds, counting and writing skills, basic reading and writing. These elements help the children to be prepared and confident when entering Kindergarten.