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Health and Safety

kidsEQdrillFire and Earthquake Drill and Disasters

PCCandP has defined earthquake and disaster evacuation plans.  Fire and Earthquake drills are performed on a monthly basis. If we need to evacuate the building due to an earthquake or natural disaster the children will be moved to an approved Red Cross location and parents will be notified. After an earthquake please call the day care and listen to the answering machine.  If the phone is not answered please come to the center and there will be a note posted on the front doors or at the northwest entrance to the parking lot.

Emergency Procedures
Here at PCCandP we feel that you can never be too cautious when caring for children. We have worked with the Washington State Health Department, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, FEMA and the Red Cross to develop an extensive Emergency Manual to assist us in all natural disasters and crime prevention. Every staff member is well-trained in all emergency procedures and we routinely have fire, earthquake, biohazard and lockdown drills to prepare the staff and children for disasters. Every classroom has an Emergency Curriculum kit that includes children’s phone numbers, food, water, and special activities designed to calm and entertain the children and a first aid kit.

Precious Child Care & Preschool is located immediately adjacent to a Lynnwood Fire Station and has quick access to EMT care in case of any unforseen emergencies. The firefighters also provide field trips to the preschool so the children can look at the equipment and build trust in emergency professionals.

Emergency Procedures
We will be closed when the road conditions are unsafe or if the power is out. If the weather seems severe or if Edmonds School District is closed there is a good chance we will also need to remain closed. Please call the center before coming.  If the answering machine does not pick up we are closed due to a power outage.  If it does answer, please listen to the message for further instructions.  Please remember that we are located in a convergence zone and the weather may be worse here than in other areas.

We strive to remain open even in severe weather and we always contact our staff first to see if they are able to make it into the center. If we can get staff here than we will be open. However, the safety of our families and staff comes first.

If we close during the day due to a power outage, severe storm or a natural disaster we will call and ask you to pick up your child as soon as possible.  If severe weather conditions prevent you from reaching the center to pick up your child, we will care for them until you arrive.  Please make arrangements with a neighbor, family friend or relative to be on stand-by in case of emergencies.