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Awards and Testimonials

Tesk Award

TESK Health Award

Precious Child Care & Preschool has been awarded the Taking Extra Steps for Kids Health Award. This is a yearly award bestowed upon child care centers that have completed and passed stringent quarterly health and safety requirements. To participate in this program facilities submit to the highest level of monitoring done by the Washington Health District agency. Our staff is extremely conscientious about health and safety and welcomes the opportunity to be tested at the highest levels.

Testimonials from parents

You wont regret going here!   My daughter loves it here! And as a parent, I know that she is in good hands. From the top down, the staff is very professional and love what they do and make it a priority to take care of every child. Its always super clean and they always have lots of fun projects and play time for the kids along with great education. My daughter has learned so much here, letters, numbers, socializing, etc.. You wont regret going here! Andrew on Google+

Always happy….My 10 month old grandson attends Precious and is in the infant room. His teachers are great! They always welcome him and he’s excited to see them. Each day they tell us what he’s eaten, played with, and how he has slept. They follow our schedule and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never heard any of the babies cry when I pick up or drop off…they seem to always be happy! Sarah on Yelp

You guys ROCK!  I’ve had both of my sons at Precious Childcare and couldn’t be happier. I feel a sense of peace knowing that my kids are loved, cared for and learning about Jesus everyday. The staff, which has very little turnover, makes it a point to know EVERY kid even if they are not in their particular class. I HIGHLY recommend Precious Childcare to anyone looking for a safe, friendly place where their child can grow and be loved on while at you are at work. You guys ROCK! Art on Google+

We love PC&P! Our daughter has been going here since she was 4mos old and we’ve moved houses and job locations so as not to change her school. The teachers are loving and friendly, the activities great, and she loves all her little friends. Children need to be around other children to learn from each other and socialize and this is the best preschool around! Bella on Yelp

“I have to say I HIGHLY recommend this place if you are looking for your kids to get a solid Christian foundation and want to have your kids prepared for Kindergarten. I started to bring my daughter to Precious Childcare and Preschool when she was 3. She needed a place where she could grow and learn and I wasn’t able to give her everything she needed because I work full time and am a single parent. On her first day of school, she came home and would not stop talking about how awesome it was. She was so very excited. I watched her thrive and learn things I was surprised a 3-4 year old would know. Her teachers were always so kind and patient with her and would even ask me about my day when I came to pick her up. On one occasion, my car broke down in the parking lot and the daycare director stopped what she was doing and took me to the bus so I could get to work on time. –Above and beyond the call of duty. She has been in 3 different daycare’s in her life (2 in Texas) and this is by far the best of the 3.

My daughter’s birthday happens to be a few days passed the cutoff date to enter kindergarten so I had to have her tested and evaluated by a psychologist to get in. She didn’t just pass the test, she ranged in scores between a 5 1/2 year old level to a 6 1/2 year old level. (She is currently 4 years old). I have to give credit to her teachers for keeping her interested and pushing her forward to succeed. Without them, she may not have done as well.” Melissa 2012 on City Search

Precious Childcare is TOPs!! I am a working mom of 3 children. For the last 3 plus years — I’ve had at least two of my children attending Precious Childcare full-time. This facility has been a blessing to my family — my children are taught respect and kindness every day. My children understand that there is a time for fun and a time for learning. This facility has the BEST staff. Many of the teachers are currently studying early childhood education. I have paid for childcare for the last 8 years — and Precious CC is the only facility where I’ve received such a fair payment structure — if we’re on vacation – we only have to pay half tuition. Plus our payments include extremely nutritious snacks and meals. My kids do school work and fantastic art and science projects on a daily basis. The staff is respectful of each other, the parents, and the children. WE LOVE PRECIOUS CHILDCARE — and feel comfortable recommending it to any of our friends– and the general public.” The Gudeas 

My two children have been going there part time since my 5 year old was a toddler. I have found the teachers there to be personable, kind, attentive and loving. My daughter enjoys the preschool program there, she has learned so much and loves all the art projects they do. Because we are only there part time, my toddler son is sometimes apprehensive to leave me and go in, but his teacher is right there with open arms and a big smile. He goes to her and is happy for the rest of the day! Sometimes when I go to pick them up, they don’t even want to go home, so that is a good sign right there!” ktladyhawk on City Search

I could not be happier with the service at Precious Childcare. With the ecomony the way it is, I was forced back into the work place. I never intended to put my babies in childcare, but didn’t really know how else to make it. My daughter was only a year old when we started and I was scared to death. My daughter’s teacher is phenomenal and was so patient with my precious as she adjusted to her new environment. My son loved school from day one. He had been delayed in speech and has pregressed tremendously in his time here. I don’t trust just anyone with my precious ones, but PCCandP teachers and administration truly love my kids. I couldn’t ask for anything better.” nicoleandanthony on City Search